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T-Minus 2 Days! Just Some Rumormongering...

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Following the Yates trade, David O'Brien reports that Frank Wren thinks we "need to make one more move," and O'Brien thinks it'll happen before Saturday night. Many people seem to think it'll be a bench bat, as O'Brien says he expects either Brayan Pena or Scott Thorman will be dealt. Pena has more value, since he's a catcher. (Apparently, the Giants need a backup backstop.) Marcus Thames is a name a few people have tossed around, and I wouldn't mind him, as long as he didn't cost more than Craig Wilson last year. As I posted yesterday, Thames is your basic all-power, no-walk, no-batting average guy, sort of like Ruben Sierra. The last two years, he’s hit 44 homers with 114 RBIs in 617 at-bats, with 50 walks, 164 strikeouts, with a combined line of .250/.310/.527. (It's worth mentioning, by way of comparison, that Jeff Francoeur's combined line the past 2 years is 48 homers and 208 RBIs in 1293 at-bats, with 65 walks and 261 strikeouts and a combined line of .276/.315/.446.) Because the Cubs are dumb and don't know how to protect young, cheap, good assets, Matt Murton is also available. He's a very good fourth outfielder -- a much better hitter than either Anderson or Blanco, and seems to be a decent enough defensive corner outfielder -- but he probably will cost an actual, live prospect. Both Thames and Murton are likely to engender a fair amount of interest from other teams. Murton's better; let's hope the Cubs don't know that. This stuff has been out for a few days, and I don't really have any new news to report, but want to open the floor to you guys. Who do you want? What have you been hearing? Who in our farm system would you be willing to give up for them?

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