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Thorman on the Block

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Scott Thorman is being shopped around by the Braves. I've been speculating on this for quite some time and finally there is something to confirm that speculation. The report came from Bill Shanks of Scout.com and was confirmed later by Dave O'Brien over at the AJC. I just don't see how the Braves can afford to carry Thorman another year with better options available. Sure, he's got ridiculous raw power but his contact rate is horrible, which of course led to the paltry .216 average and .652 OPS last season. Shanks says that the Braves are considering other options for the backup first base job (which really doesn't entail much with Mark Teixeira there) including Mark Kotsay, Brayan Pena, Matt Diaz, and Joe Borchard. I'm fairly certain we can knock Kotsay out of the running for that one and I'd be thoroughly shocked if Joe Borchard made the team. He also notes that Pena would make a lot of sense due to the fact that he -- like Thorman -- is out of options and his ability to play third as well as being a third catcher brings added value. O'Brien doesn't think that Kotsay will fill that role either, but also says that he doesn't get the feeling Brayan Pena will end up on the team. That sort of leaves the Braves in an odd position if he was to be right. I guess they could just stick Diaz at first if the need arises and shift Anderson over to left but, it certainly makes more sense to carry a backup firstbaseman, especially one as versatile as Pena. The other bit O'Brien gives us is that Thorman is being shopped for relief help. Certainly you'd like to see a good veteran reliever be thrown into the mix with a lot of young guys vying for pen spots but therein lies the problem. Where are you going to find a GM willing to give up a good reliever (which are at a premium right now) for Scott Thorman? More than likely I'd expect the Braves to end up with another change-of-scenery type player or a low-minors prospect with a bit of upside. Thorman just doesn't have much value. I've been saying it all off-season and I'm sticking to it; I think Brayan Pena will be the backup firstbaseman.  Not only can he play first and third, but it would allow the Braves to keep on Javy Lopez without worrying about what to do if he doesn't produce, while also giving them a decent defensive backup to Brian McCann. Pena just makes too much sense to not make this team. He can hit some, his defense is good enough, and he is incredibly versatile. I like the way Thorman plays but there are definitely better options here.

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