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Tyler Yates Traded to Pirates for Todd Redmond

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It's official: Tyler Yates is no longer a Brave. After a horrendous spring and an extremely mixed couple of years in Atlanta, in which his tantalizing stuff and promise were offset at the worst times by a complete inability to pitch on short rest, or, seemingly, in high-leverage situations, he was traded by Frank Wren yesterday. He was out of options, and it was getting clearer that there wasn't room for him on the team. So he was shipped off to one of our old favorite punching bags: the Pirates. The guy we got back is 22-year old Todd Redmond, who appears to have good control and that's it. (On Baseball America's November assessment of the Pirates system, Redmond gets "best control," but is not in their top 10 prospects.) John Sickels gives him a grade C, leaving him off the Pirates' top 20 prospects, and comments, "What a horrible system. There isn't much else to say about it." In fairness, he doesn't give up many homers, doesn't walk too many people, and he strikes out a few. His K/9 is 7.28, which could be worse; his BB/9 is 2.04, which is excellent and makes for a nice K/BB ratio. He has only given up 0.69 HR/9, which is also very good. Obviously, if he ever makes a contribution in a Braves uniform, it won't be as a starter, and you can always use guys in the bullpen who don't walk people, even though his groundball rate isn't as high as you'd like for someone who'll have to pitch to contact. Here's what he looks like. Anyway, the tumultuous Tyler Yates era has come to an end. But I doubt that the trading is over.

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