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5/28 Game Thread: Bobby Cox = Grady Little

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Injuries logo In the words of Talking Heads, "I'm mad, and that's a fact." Bobby Cox's increasingly terrible bullpen management cost us the game yesterday. (You are welcome to disagree with me on this -- yes, the offense couldn't do anything, and yes, Prince Fielder's single was a bad break, but in my opinion Bobby's failure to remove Hudson was the critical error that led to the loss.) Teams shouldn't lose games that they're winning 2-0 in the eighth. If you're wondering why we're 2-13 in one-run games -- yes, 13 of our 24 losses have been by one run -- this game is an excellent reason why. I could go on, but I don't want to. As Will pointed out, Matt Diaz is going to the DL. For once, this is one injury that won't exactly cripple the team. Maybe by the time he gets back he'll remember how to hit; in the meantime, we're going to cross our fingers and hope that Rafael Soriano remembers how not to get an arm injury. Tonight it's Jeff Suppan vs. Jo-Jo Reyes, and if Jo-Jo's blisters have gone away I feel good. If not, it'll be a long night.

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