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5/3 Game Thread: A One-Game Winning Streak!

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Well, Tim Hudson gave us our first complete game of the year last night, and because he has as much confidence in the offense as I do he decided to make it a 3-hit, 10-K shutout. Good thinking, Tim. And glad to have you back. He doesn't need to pitch like that every time out, but if he can give us 7 innings every start and keep his sinker down, he'll continue to be one of the best pitchers in the division. Also, you've probably heard about this, so I'll keep it short; if you haven't, it's been written about elsewhere more eloquently than I could here. In brief, on Tuesday, HBO's Costas Now brought on acclaimed sportswriter Buzz Bissinger and Deadspin's Will Leitch to debate the pros and cons of blogs... except that Bissinger basically spent most of his time cussing Leitch out about profane comments on the site. Since we are part of the Monolithic Blogosphere, we of course stand with Leitch and Deadspin and their efforts to bring quality sports writing to the internets. I know that Will, John, Kristi and I want this to be the best baseball blog it can be, and we can't do that without you -- in fact, I think that the intelligent, informed community that comes here (Mets trolls excepted) is what makes this blog as good as it is. And helps us keep getting better. If you have anything that you'd like to see, questions you'd like answered, analyses you'd like done, please mention them. There's always more to say and a better way to say it, and we can only get better with your input. Tonight, Jo-Jo Reyes comes up from AAA to face former Braves farmhand Matt Belisle. You may not believe it, but he's probably the most successful pitching prospect the Braves have traded away, other than Adam Wainwright. He was great in the bullpen in 2006, but they converted him to the rotation last year, and though he didn't walk many people he gave up a ton of hits. He currently has a 9.00 ERA. It would be nice if our bats showed up tonight. The two pitchers actually may be fairly evenly matched. With two off days in the past week and another coming up Monday, and a complete game yesterday, we don't need Jo-Jo to go 8 innings. But it would be nice to see him go 6, since he only did that 3 times in 10 starts last year, and he's only done it once in 5 starts at Richmond this year. If he can pitch us a good game tonight, and stay up here for good, that would really help stabilize our rotation. If not, back to the drawing board with Chuckie.

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