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Double Game Thread 5/20: If We Sweep the Mets, We Could Get Willie Randolph Fired!

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It's no secret that Mets fans don't like Willie Randolph. Tim Marchman, New York Sun, May 2: "It's Time to Fire Willie Randolph." Newsday, May 16: "Randolph's job has to be in jeopardy." The imaginatively named blog Fire Willie Randolph, May 16: "Mid-May and the Team has Quit." Willie's response, as Metsblog's Matt Cerrone paraphrases the Bergen, NJ Record: I'm being framed by SNY. The Mets have won more games than we have this year, but their Pythagorean record is worse, Pedro Martinez is talking retirement, Carlos Delgado and Luis Castillo are probably done, and their pitching rotation drops off considerably after Johan Santana and the overachieving John Maine. (Funnily enough, Mike Pelfrey is pitching better than Oliver Perez.) And, after pitching 173 innings of relief the past 2 years, Aaron Heilman's arm appears to have finally fallen off. The Mets have always been an obnoxiously despondent fan base, and they are characteristically vulnerable right now. The Yankees are doing even worse, and of course about the Knicks nothing needs to be said -- since the Giants won the Super Bowl, New York's best sports news has been the firing of Isiah Thomas. So if we can deal them a good knockout punch, we may actually be able to get Willie canned. I did another Q&A with Jessica Bader at Take the 7 Train about the Mets series. Hope you like it. Update: Braves 6, Mets 1 Well, that was easy. Glavine even laid down a good sacrifice bunt. I hope we treat Claudio Vargas with similar disdain tonight.

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