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Prado Out for 6-8 Weeks; Braves Acquire Greg Norton

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Injuries logo Martin Prado badly injured his thumb sliding into first base yesterday, in a game we won 14-7. It is almost never advisable to slide into first base, least of all in a blowout, but it happened and Prado's on the 15-day DL for what will assuredly be much more than 15 days; his thumb's in a cast and MLB.com is reporting he has a grade 1-2 sprain and will likely be out 6-8 weeks, though no surgery will be required. Anyway, the tireless Frank Wren acquired Greg Norton from the Mariners for a PTBNL and or cash. Norton's getting on in years -- he's two months older than Mike Hampton -- but it wasn't so long ago that he was a pretty good bench bat. Trouble is, he can't really play up the middle; he used to play mostly 3rd base, and recently he's been a reserve outfielder, which we don't need. So he's a utilityman without a position. Of course, we'll be able to find a place for him once Chipper starts missing games, assuming he can still play the hot corner, but for the moment we still don't have a backup shortstop. In order to make room for Norton, the Braves put Peter Moylan on the 60-day DL, and as Braves Journal's Mac Thomason says, "This can pretty much serve as confirmation that he will have Tommy John surgery." Tomorrow we'll face the Padres, but for now we can just bask in the glow of a 3-game sweep, our first since we swept the Dodgers April 18-20. Stay fresh, guys.

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