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Braves Interested in Burnett

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A.J. Burnett is one of the many names who has been casually tossed around as a possible target of Frank Wren, but for the first time a legitimate source says that there is interest between the two parties. Mark Bowman of MLB.com said in his latest post that if the Peavy talks fall through, the Braves will turn their attention to the free agent market with Burnett as one of the top pitchers on their list.

Bowman quotes Burnett's agent as saying that playing close to his Maryland home would be a plus but certainly not a deciding factor for the 31-year old right-hander. Burnett, who went 18-10 with a 4.07 ERA last season for the Blue Jays, has arguably the best pure stuff of any starter in baseball and would make an impressive addition to the front of the Braves' rotation, assuming of course that he stays healthy (never a given).

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