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McCann's Postseason Makeover

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After hearing several reports about Brian McCann's postseason makeover, I thought I'd discuss it here.  I've always been impressed with McCann's attitude and work ethic.  No matter how well he's performing, it seems he's always striving for more.  In his first three seasons he's been selected for the All-Star team three times and been awarded two Silver Slugger awards.  Now he's eyeing a Gold Glove for his collection.

McCann told the AJC, "I would rather have a Gold Glove than a Silver Slugger Award, because I've always been known as a hitter. I want to just be a complete player."  Last year McCann had a great season at the plate with a line of .301/.373/.523 and 23 homeruns.  He even stole five bases, an impressive feat for McCann who is always the punchline when it comes to jokes about slow baserunning.  When it came to his defensive performance, however, he came up a little short in throwing out others who sought to steal a base.  In 2007 he caught only 21.3 percent of base-stealers and in 2008 he was only slightly better at 22.5 percent.  So how is he working to improve these statistics?

McCann is going through a postseason makeover.  He's been on a strict diet (only allowing himself to cheat once a week) and is running a few days a week.  Perhaps fueled by the ongoing commentary that he should mvoe to first base, McCann has decided that slimming down might be the answer to his defensive woes.  He's already lost twenty pounds this offseason, which puts him in the neighborhood of his weight in 2005 when he first came on the scene in Atlanta.  Hopefully the weight loss will ease the strain on his knees and allow him to stay behind the plate where he wants to be.  And who knows, he might just bring home that Gold Glove one day.  His hard work and determination have certainly paid off in the past when he's at the plate with a bat in his hand, so it's not hard to imagine he could up his game when he's squatting behind the plate as well.

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