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Three-team Trade Rumor: Peavy to Cubs, Pie to O's?

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The Baltimore Sun has reported a rumor of a three-team deal between the Padres, Orioles, and Cubs, with Baltimore pitcher Garrett Olson (?) going to the Padres and Felix Pie coming to the Orioles.

Lemme go ahead and shoot this one down in advance. Look, three-team deals don't happen, particularly not within 50 miles of Peter Angelos. Yes, Manny Ramirez got traded in a three-team deal, in which Manny went to LA; Jason Bay went to the Red Sox; and Brandon Moss, Craig Hansen, Bryan Morris, and Andy LaRoche went to the Pirates. But it was the first three-team blockbuster in years.

Here are other recent three-team trades:
June 2004: Carlos Beltran to Astros; Octavio Dotel and cash to Athletics; John Buck, Mike Wood, and Mark Teahen to Royals

January 2003: Orlando Hernandez, Rocky Biddle, Jeff Liefer, and cash to Expos; Bartolo Colon, Jorge Nunez and cash to White Sox; Antonio Osuna and Delvis Lantigua to Yankees

July 2002: Jeff Weaver to Yankees; Carlos Pena, Franklyn German, and PTBNL (Jeremy Bonderman) to Tigers; Ted Lilly, John-Ford Griffin, and Ted Arnold to Athletics

With the possible exception of the Manny trade, which appears to have worked out well for all teams involved, the other major recent three-team trades have looked disastrously lopsided not long after being consummated. And Peter Angelos's penchant for meddling -- and genius for preventing anything that would improve the team -- virtually assures that he'll try to put himself in the middle of the extraordinarily complicated negotiations required to pull off a three-team deal.

On the other hand, this may be an indication that the Cubs are not finding it any easier to figure out how to add Peavy to their squad, given their very thin minor league system. I'm still predicting the Padres come back to the Braves.

Obviously, I could be wrong, and I'm willing to live with the possibility that this rumored trade actually goes down and I get a whole lot of egg on my face. But somehow I doubt it. 

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