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Peavy Watch: The Beginning

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The World Series hasn't even started yet, but the off-season trade market is already at the front of many fans' minds. The man driving the hot stove talk is San Diego right-hander Jake Peavy and several credible sources have now said that it's more than just speculation that's fueling the Peavy to Atlanta rumors. Dave O'Brien of the AJC provided the first report that things may be getting serious in Frank Wren's pursuit of the Padres' ace.
A person familiar with the talks said the Braves and Padres have discussed a potential blockbuster trade that would bring the Alabama native to Atlanta for a package that would include at least three Braves prospects.
O'Brien goes on to speculate about the type of players that might be involved on Atlanta's side of the deal. He lists Julio Teheran and Jason Heyward as Atlanta's untouchable prospects, while also mentioning Freddie Freeman, Tommy Hanson, Jordan Schafer, and Gorkys Hernandez as players that Atlanta would rather not part with. O'Brien discusses the possibility of basing a deal around either Yunel Escobar or Kelly Johnson along with a couple of names from the Braves' second tier of prospects but I'm just not convinced that such a deal would entice San Diego GM Kevin Towers into parting with his affordable ace. Hitting the national news with a very similar tune was Buster Olney of ESPN. Olney quotes one source as saying that the Braves are "hot" on Peavy. He goes on to list Jordan Schafer (with a nice typo in there) and Tommy Hanson as two prospects of interest. Olney pretty much reiterates what O'Brien says but in condensed form, so we're not really looking at any new info. One thing that I think we can pretty safely conclude is that both sides are in agreement that Heyward and Teheran are off limits. I still think any deal would have to focus around Tommy Hanson, but if Wren can somehow work a trade around a one of the Braves' middle infielders, I will be very impressed. Stay tuned.

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