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Peavy Watch: Yunel to San Diego?

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First off, I have to reiterate Alex's last post. As you can see, MVN is going through some rather large changes right now (no, I won't give you the whole birds and the bees talk) and we're trying to work through this as the tech guys continue to move content from the old platform. You may also have noticed that the URL changed to http://mvn.com/chopnchange so bookmark the new address. On to the good stuff...

  • Dave O'Brien of the AJC tackles the Peavy rumors again, saying that he thinks the Braves will have to part with one of Tommy Hanson, Kelly Johnson, or Yunel Escobar as the centerpiece of any deal for San Diego right-hander. O'Brien thinks that the Padres will be looking for two MLB-ready pitchers and a middle infielder, suggesting a deal of Yunel Escobar, Kris Medlen, and Stephen Marek for Peavy (along with Khalil Greene probably being worked into the deal). I don't think this could get it done, but if Wren can work a deal anywhere near O'Brien's speculation, the man is a genius.
  • The other link for today is from Joel Sherman of the New York Post. Sherman says that the Braves are a front-runner for Peavy at this point and "several executives" have said that the Padres have been checking out Jordan Schafer extensively. It would make a lot of sense for Kevin Towers (Padres GM) to be targeting Schafer. He's got a ballpark with a huge outfield and a team without an actual centerfielder.


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