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9/11 Game Thread: Final Game Against the Rockies

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Tonight's a somber anniversary, but it's nice to have baseball. Jair Jurrjens will pitch against Ubaldo Jimenez in our last game against the Rockies this year. We've split the season series 3-3, so this will be our chance to push the score in our favor. Jimenez has had a real up-and-down campaign. Mostly, though, it's been a tale of two seasons: a 5.43 ERA in his first 13 starts, and a 3.38 ERA in his next 17. Weirdly enough, his home/road splits are just the reverse: at home this year, he's got a 3.36 ERA, and on the road it's 5.24. He has a great fastball and strikes people out, though he walks too many batters. He doesn't give up many homers, though -- he's given up only 10 all season, and only 3 on the road. Jurrjens you all know about. I don't really want him going more than 5 innings, and I'll be very angry if Bobby tries to stretch him past the 6th. He pitched well his last time out, in only 5 innings' work. The major storyline: Chipper Jones' batting average. After going 3-4 last night, he's back atop the major leagues, leading Albert Pujols by one whole point. Tonight we'll see if he can hold his lead.

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