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9/12 Game Thread: The New York Metropolitans, Who Have Nothing To Worry About

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So we're off to beautiful Shea stadium -- the fourth-oldest park in the majors! -- to play the New York Mets. The Mets are in first place with a 3-game lead over the Philadelphia Phillies, which is wide enough that nothing can possibly go wrong. They did recently lose their closer for the rest of the season, but their bullpen has been strong, anchored by Mitchell Report honoree Scott Schoeneweis, despite a down year from the utterly gassed Aaron Heilman. Their offense has also been solid, thanks in large part to yeoman's work from the curiously undeceased Carlos Delgado, who might have done this last year when I had him on my roto team, if he had any decency, and the unexpected resurgence of Fernando Tatis, a guy whose last good season was almost a decade ago. I shared my thoughts on the Braves with Jessica Bader of Take the 7 Train, our sister blog, and though it's not anything you guys haven't heard me say I thought I'd link there anyway. They'll certainly enjoy your clickthroughs and pageviews. Tonight we've got Mike Hampton against Johan Santana. They're both southpaws, they've both won 20 games before, and they have both pitched for the Mets in their career. On the other hand, while Johan Santana is one of the best pitchers in the game, Mike Hampton is a mediocre injury-prone over-the-hill back-of-the-rotation starter. On the other hand, they are the Mets. On the other other hand, when you consider the way we've been playing this year, so are we.

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