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9/2 Game Thread: More Marlins

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In yet another exact reprise of last week, tonight Charlie Morton will face Anibal Sanchez. In fact, that game was the Braves' last win, as they've lost 4 in a row since then. Last week was Morton's best start in almost a month, and our offense touched up Sanchez quite nicely, so tonight Morton will get another chance to be a stopper. These Marlins haven't put much bat on ball against Morton at all. Out of 11 Marlins who have faced him, only 4 have gotten a hit; in all, in 37 at-bats (2 games), they're batting .162/.279/.324, with just 1 homer. It was a costly homer, though; it accounted for half of the 6 runs he's given up against them, and his ERA is 4.63 in his two starts. The Braves haven't fared better against Sanchez -- he has a 3.15 ERA against us -- though we had the better of him the last time out. In 34 at-bats (3 starts, one in 2008 and two in his breakthrough 2006), we're batting .206/.308/.294, with just 1 homer and only 1 more run. Hopefully we'll see a repeat of last week's matchup, rather than of Sanchez's prior gems against us. If Morton can repeat what he did last week, we'll have a good shot in the game. If he follows a good start with a poor one -- as he has so often in the past -- it won't be much fun to watch. At least we're not facing the Nats any more. Well, not until Thursday.

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