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9/26 Game Thread: Chipper vs. Brian Moehler in Houston Bandbox

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The days when the Astrodome was about the worst pitcher's park in the major leagues are long gone, but Minute Maid Park isn't exactly as extreme a hitter's park as you might think. This year, Houston has been the 14th-best hitter's park in the majors, inflating runs by a factor of 1.034; in 2007 and 2005, it was actually the 25th and 23rd, respectively, decreasing runs on average. You can always count on a bunch of homers, though. It's the 6th-most-extreme homer park in baseball, and has been in the top 10 in 4 of the last 5 seasons. Meanwhile, Brian Moehler is a bit of a meatballer. He's averaged 1.17 HR per 9 innings as a major leaguer, and this year it's up to 1.25. At home this year he's given up 1.44 per 9. The odds are pretty good that he'll groove one. Trouble is, the odds are pretty good that Campillo will do the same. Chipper almost certainly isn't starting. But the league's best pinch hitter may have a hit or two left in him in the late innings. That's the biggest reason we'll be watching, anyway. (See below.)

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