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9/6 Game Thread: Weep or Sweep?

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As the mothership points out, the Braves have won three games in a row exactly once since the All-Star Break. In fact, since the All-Star Break, the Braves have the second-worst ERA in baseball -- 6.15, second only to Baltimore's 6.39 -- and the 10th-worst OPS in baseball, .755. And they're tied with the third-fewest wins, 17. In that period, the Nationals have the sixth-worst OPS in baseball and the 9th-worst ERA, and exactly one more win than we do. But they've killed us, for some reason, culminating in a three-game sweep in DC last week before the Braves extracted a little payback the past two nights. Tonight we'll see Mike Hampton against Tim Redding. Both are talented and extraordinarily fragile; this year is only the second time in Redding's career that he's pitched as many as 101 innings. (He has 164 1/3 and counting.) And Redding appears to be flagging. In 20 starts before the All-Star Break, his ERA was 3.85; in 9 starts since the All-Star Break, it's 6.16. Meanwhile, Mike has been fairly consistent his last four starts: game scores of 52, 45, 57, and 47, for an ERA of 3.81 in the period. The ERA is a bit better than he's actually pitched; his K/BB for those last 4 starts is a poor 13/8 in 26 innings, and opponents are batting .296/.349/.449 against him. Still, he's basically a #4 starter at this point, for which I give him full credit: I never, ever expected he'd pitch this year. Here in Washington, we're being battered by Hannah Storm. So it's nice that they've got baseball elsewhere.

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