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4/21 Game Thread: So, I See That We're Losing to the Nationals Again

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UPDATE: Brian once was blind but now can see! Brian McCann went to an eye doctor in DC today (I hope it was Andrew Adelson; he's my eye doctor, and I recommend him) and got a contact lens for his left eye. He said,  that he said "I put the contact in, and it clears it up right away." Maybe we can start not losing again. I hope.

Yes, I was at the game last night, and it wasn't a great fan experience -- though I had a lovely time with my two friends, including the birthday boy, my good friend Adam Domby. A 2 hour rain delay was followed by a crappy loss -- Derek Lowe didn't have his best stuff and was getting squeezed in the zone, Kelly Johnson and Yunel Escobar are still streaky, Casey Kotchman simply cannot be counted on or used higher than 6th in a lineup, Lowe botched two bunts rather horrendously, and, as Brent pointed out in the last thread, David Ross was tagged out on a horrendous fielder's interference non-call. And their new guy, Jordan Zimmermann, is a good pitcher.

With all that, we lost 3-2. Fortunately, it's a gorgeous day in Washington today -- hopefully, our boys got a really good night's sleep and the sun will recharge them. Today, Kenshin Kawakami will face Shairon Martis, both of whom I wrote about last week. Here are a few anagrams for Shairon Martis:

Historian's Arm
Horas, Martinis
Sharia in Storm

I should say a few words about Matt Diaz, though. He's a bizarre player to watch: the only word that comes to mind when I watch him swing and miss, or run the bases, or run to field the ball is "spaz." When he fails, he looks so unbelievably awkward that you can't believe he belongs on a baseball field. But then he hits a two-run homer and gets a hustle double on a grounder up the middle that the center fielder lollygagged to, and catches two balls against the left field wall, and you realize that he's actually a very solid baseball player who had a terrible first two months of 2008 and who most decidedly does not play the way the scouts would call "effortlessly." But that's why the Braves were able to get him for a song. He's not a cleanup hitter either. But he certainly looks like a better hitter than Casey Kotchman -- and he has a career OPS 50 points higher.

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