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4/28 Game Thread: Chop-n-Changes

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I wanted to call to your attention a few changes in the blog layout. Above, in the masthead, there's now a page marked "Authors" that identifies me and Kristi, the two authors of the blog (other than occasional guestposters like JD Stuart, Brent Dorfman, Stephen Keck, and Matthew Avery).

To the right, in the sidebar, there are now boxes marked "Recent Interviews" and "Down on the Farm" where you can find links to the 6 most recent interviews and 4 most recent farm system updates. Below that, there's a poll, something from the old Chop-n-Change that we haven't had since we moved to our new layout. And below that, there's an improved -- and much-lengthened -- Braves blogroll.

Please let me know what you think of the changes, and what other improvements we should consider!

Today, Jo-Jo Reyes will try once again to prove that he can be a winning pitcher in the big leagues, and he'll go against Kyle Lohse.

In other news, Tom Glavine may try one more comeback, and Osama bin Laden may be dead. (We try to stay away from politics, and most current news outside baseball, but I make two exceptions: news of the coming Robocalypse and the death of Osama bin Laden.)

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