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Hey, We're at .500! Game Thread

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Here are highlights from last night's shutout. Yeah, we got shut out by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Clearly, I was wrong when I called last night's game "post-humiliation" -- it wasn't post-anything.

Anyway, tonight we've got the lefty. They're starting Ian Snell, who had such a bad year last year -- 7-12, 5.42 ERA, 1.70 runs higher than the previous year -- that the budding star's future success was cast seriously in doubt. Snell's a righty, thank God, and that alone is reason to cheer. He gets more strikeouts than Maholm, but blew up last year because his walks skyrocketed. If he can get his walk rate down to more nearly normal, he'll be a good pitcher, and he had good control in the minors, 2.3 BB/9 and 3.69 K/BB. If he can't start throwing strikes again, it'll be another long year.

If Jeff Francoeur swings at the first pitch each time, I'll be annoyed.

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