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He's Baaaaaaaaaack (soon anyway)

Written by Joe Lucia on .

I was skimming some Braves news on my phone this morning on a break, and noticed a little something on the Braves website: Tim Hudson is going to make one more rehab start in Gwinnett, and will be with the Braves and starting on September 2nd if everything goes well. This is some pretty fantastic news for the team, but the more pressing issue is who is Hudson going to replace in the rotation? Looking at the schedule, the 2nd is scheduled to be a Tommy Hanson start, so could they possibly just be deciding to limit his innings? Another option is going with a 6 man rotation and giving everyone an extra day of rest, which would be pretty acceptable considering that you have 2 rookies (1 of which isn't really a rookie, but has never pitched a whole lot of innings in Japan) and a guy in his second year who's innings you'd like to limit, and a pair of veteran workhorses who you really don't want to die come the stretch run. That last point about Vazquez and Lowe may just be a fallacy in my mind though, because both of them actually have their lowest monthly ERA during the September/October run. Another option is that there could be an imminent DL stint for someone, perhaps Lowe with his hand issues from the start against the Mets. However, I haven't seen anything remarking that Lowe's hand was bothering him after the start yesterday, so thats probably an assumption in my book too. The aforementioned article (located on the braves.com mainpage for those curious) mentions nothing about the plans for the rest of the rotation when Hudson comes back. Also, none of the Braves beat writers (Bowman, O'Brien, etc) mentions anything about what could possibly happen. So...what IS going to happen? The best thing to do would be to wait the week and a half, and see what comes of it. Personally? I have no idea. Its a really tough decision for Bobby Cox, Roger McDowell, Frank Wren and the rest of the Braves staff.

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