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HOT or NOT - 8/17/09 edition

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Only 5 games on the slate this past week...Braves only went 3-2 after a couple of disappointing losses to the Phillies over the weekend. But yeah, at least we were able to beat the Nats. No pitcher had multiple starts, and no hitter was otherworldly great (with the exception of one guy..), so this is gonna be rough. Lets do it. HOT Adam LaRoche, 1B: .455/.625/1.000. Yeah, Adam just keeps on rolling. 5 walks and 2 homers in 5 games is always something that makes me smile. And hey, he only struck out twice! I'd like to see a double or two mixed in there, but hey, these things happen. Eric O'Flaherty, RP: 0-0, 0.00. This dude has been a surprise. 2 baserunners in 3 innings, and neither scored. He also had 3 strikeouts. Its really refreshing to have a LOOGY on the team that can actually face righties and do really well against them. I think EOF has moved out of the LOOGY role and into a straight middle reliever role. He's allowed 1 homer in 39 innings...man. I think he's going to end up being a big part of the team in September, with the overuse of the top 3 members of the pen. Tommy Hanson, SP: 1-0, 1.35. Tommy had a great start against the Natspos this week. In fact, I'd like to think of it as one of his best starts of the year. No walks, 9 strikeouts, no homers, 1 run...all in all, TOTALLY AWESOME. And hell, he almost got through 7 innings too. Awesome. NOT Yunel Escobar, SS: .118/.250/.176. Ew. At least he walked 3 times to push up the OBP. And hey, he got an XBH. Everything else though...bleh. 1 RBI, 1 run, and 3 strikeouts...yuck. Oh well, we have capable backups if he needs a day off...don't we? Omar Infante, 2B: .222/.364/.222. The fact that Infante got 12 plate appearances and the scorching hot Kelly Johnson gets one makes me a little ill inside. Infante just didn't have a good time this week, in spite of the 2 walks. He did only strike out once, which is good. Ryan Church, RF: .176/.300/.294. It wasn't a BAD week for Churchy, with 3 walks and 2 doubles. But he only got 1 single, and struck out 3 times as well. Like I was saying, the back end of the lineup was just in the weeds all week. I want a give a special shoutout to that soulsucking rat Greg Norton. In his 5 plate appearances this week, he didn't get a hit. Or strikeout. In fact, he walked in all 5 of them. Now THAT is something special.

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