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HOT or NOT - August 9th Edition

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Friendly tip from everyone's favorite Braves blogger: if you have Comcast internet and you're on the phone complaining about timeout errors and such, and they offer to "make the internet faster"...run far, far away. I think I'm getting MORE errors now than I was...loading this site has been especially difficult. Comcast: depriving bloggers of their right to earn a living since 2009. Thanks guys. Don't even get me started on trying to watch MLB.TV. Without any further ado... HOT Ryan Church, RF: .462/.533/.846. Ryan "Ryan Church" Church has finally arrived after elbow issues screwed him a little bit at the beginning of this week/end of last week. 11 total bases, 2 walks, and 3 XBH in 15 plate appearances...you know what, I'll take that. Plus, the huge homer on Friday night to put the cherry on top of the comeback victory in a game that was nearly sabotaged by the home plate umpire...a good time all around. Welcome to Atlanta Churchy, we <3 you! Kelly Johnson, 2B: .300/.364/.900. Sure it was only 10 AB. But yeah, 2 homers, 3 runs and 4 RBI in that time period...awesome. I'm wondering where the cadre of Kelly Johnson haters have gone...since coming off the DL 3 weeks ago, Kelly has raised his average by 12 points and his OPS by 62. 62 points in 10 games! I think he's got his groove back, and needs to be getting 20 plate appearances a week. Prado isn't hitting like the second coming anymore...only 2 extra base hits over his past 13 games, and his OPS has actually dropped by...62 points (what a nice little coincidence THAT is) since Kelly has come off the DL. Adam LaRoche, 1B: .346/.452/.500. The numbers would have looked better if I actually was able to do this HOT or NOT on time. But Adam is enjoying a nice redebut with the Braves. Strangely, we acquired him for his power...and he's got 2 extra base hits as a Braves. But 5 walks? That I didn't expect at all, but hell, I'll take it. The 10 strikeouts are wince worthy though. Thats downright Schafer-esque. If he can get the power cranked up a little more, I'm sure the memories of Casey Kotchman will permanently fade from all of our minds. NOT Brian McCann, C: .120/.207/.120. Oh Brian. Another week where Bobby Cox wears him down to the bone, another week of struggles for the Braves starting catcher. At least he walked 3 times, but the lack of any extra base hits is depressing. McCann is third on the team in ABs behind the left side of the infield...yeesh. I'd ideally not like to see my catcher get 600 plate appearances, but McCann has an outside shot of doing it if Bobby keeps trotting him out there 6 or 7 days a week in the heat of the pennant race. Rafael Soriano, RP: 0-1, 12.00. HE'S HUMAN, AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Soriano picked up one save and horribly blew another this week. He also alternated those outings with a couple of scoreless innings against the Dodgers and Padres respectively. He's at 52 innings on the season, and I definitely think he's running out of gas. Thats really not a good thing...I want my best reliever to have a lot of gas in the tank come September. If he's struggling like this now, imagine what things are going to be like if we're in the playoffs in October...yeesh. Kris Medlen, closer? Jair Jurrjens, SP: 0-1, 7.71. Yeah, these numbers are skewed a little bit by the debacle in LA on Friday. But Jurrjens was also pretty bad against the Dodgers on Sunday, too. Maybe they just have his number. Regardless, after Friday, his ERA is above 3 (only by a hundredth of a run, but nonetheless, its there) for the first time all year. Depressing stuff. However, he was pitching over his head most of the year, and his recent struggles can be attributed to regressing to the mean a little bit. He hasn't been pitching like a 2.75 guy overall this year, more like a 3.50 guy...but hey, I'll take a 3.50 out of my 3rd starter anytime. So that does it for this week's, day late edition of HOT or NOT. The team is off tomorrow (yay!) which means I don't need to get the series preview for the 2 game swing against the Nats up until tomorrow night. I'm going to TRY to get the recap of the Dodgers series up tonight...but I'm not promising anything, with the game tonight starting at 4, and the fantastic looking WEC card starting at 9. Come to think of it...that does give me a 2 hour window to get it done. I'll try my hardest.

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