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Is Adam Milligan really this good?

Written by Joe Lucia on .

So checking my hits, I see that the name Adam Milligan is coming up A LOT in Google searches that have lead people here. In case you're unfamiliar with him, Milligan was finally drafted and signed by the Braves this season on I believe their 4th attempt. If you draft a guy 4 times, you must like him a lot. Milligan started his year off in Danville, where in 9 games, he OPSed 1.256. Thats um, really damn good. He had a 17.1% K rate, which while not spectacular, is acceptable. His walk rate was only 6.8%, which...well, could use some work, but hey, he's in rookie ball. That time in Danville was enough for the Braves to promote him to Rome. He's continued to rake in Rome. His OPS is now "only" 1.059. He's been the driving force behind a pretty bad Rome offense sticking around the .500 mark. But we need to take a closer look...that strikeout rate? Yeah, its jumped to 20.8%. Don't get me wrong, its not Cody Johnson bad, but it could use some work. And his walk rate? Its dropped off to 5.5%. Thats really not something you'd like to see. Also worth noting, is that while in Danville, Milligan's BABIP was an otherworldly .500. Now in Rome, its sitting at .409, which while lower, is also unsustainable. Milligan doesn't seem like a guy that can retain a high BABIP, because he really doesn't have tremendous speed (3 steals, 5 CS for Rome, nothing in Danville. More advanced baserunning metrics aren't available for the minors). Another factor people seem to be overlooking is that at 21, Milligan was way too old for the Appy League, and is probably a little old for the Sally League too. Milligan's numbers are better than Heyward's last season in Rome, but keep in mind that Heyward is STILL a year and a half younger than Milligan. I'm not totally crapping on Milligan right now. I absolutely love the power (.317 ISO in Danville, .266 in Rome). He's absolutely murdering righties (1.103 OPS in Rome). He's delivering with RISP (1.020 OPS). But to pencil him in the starting lineup in Atlanta in 2 years? Calm down a little bit people, lets see what he can do in a full season. Myrtle Beach would be a great start next year.

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