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Series Recaps - Dodgers @ Braves, Braves @ Padres

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Its been one hectic week, and I seriously have only watched about maybe 3 innings of Braves baseball since the Sunday night game. So now, the long-awaited, much-anticipated, highly overdue...series recaps for the past week of baseball! This is kind of going to be a quasi-HOT or NOT...but hey, whatever. THE GOOD Adam LaRoche. Oh Adam, I'm sorry for calling you a lateral move, I really am. 9 for 18 over these 2 series. His NL batting average jumped 13 points. Add in the 2 hit last night, and you have a dude that is absolutely on fire. I really hope the LaRoche second half of doom keeps rolling like this...it would be much-needed in this lineup. Martin Prado. Heeeeeeeeeeey, that little swoon appears to be over and done. A 9 for 23 stretch isn't as good as LaRoche's run, but its doable. I'm a slight bit worried by only 2 XBH and no walks, but the 1 strikeout is a nice touch. THE MEH Tommy Hanson. He was a little off against the Dodgers, but was fine against the Padres. 1-1. He got through 6 innings in each start, got some strikeouts...walks were average, and I'm put off by the 2 homers in 12 innings. Baby steps regardless. No one expected him to come in, post a K/9 over 9, and throw up an ERA under 3. He's holding his own, and thats all that really matters. THE DIRE Offensive inconsistency. What a mess this was. The team scored 7 runs over 4 games in the Dodgers series and the first game of the Padres series...and 15 in the last 2 games in the last 2 games of the Padres series. Zuh? Really weird, but not horribly surprising. Its been like this all season. Will Venable. WHO IN THE HELL IS WILL VENABLE?!?! 6 for 10 with 2 homers, 4 RBI, and 4 runs (when the Padres only scored 8 all series), thats who he is. Its always the guys like that who kill us... Andre Ethier. At least he's good. But hey, he outdid Venable...7 for 14 with 2 homers and 5 RBI. And last night, in a game not talked about in this recap, he delievered the ultimate low blow off of a off his game Rafael Soriano. Sigh. Thats all for tonight...sorry for the briefness, but I just wanted to get these done. Yeah, I'm lazy. HOT or NOT tomorrow.

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