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Bill Shanks Likes DeRosa, Bay

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With the Braves' plans on offense still held up by the search for a team willing to take Derek Lowe, and with no news on the Lowe front, the only discussion point I have is a nugget of idle speculation:

But, for what it's worth, Bill Shanks of Scout.com thinks the Braves will bring Mark DeRosa back to Atlanta: "I think DeRosa will be here. He'll be the 'third bat.' They'll sign someone for first (maybe LaRoche), and then get a LF. Then they'll convince DeRosa that he'll get 400 at bats between third, first, and right field. I think he'll come for like two years, $9 mil or so." For two years at $4.5 million per year, I'm all for bringing back a versatile, right-handed, power-on-contact type like DeRo. And honestly, I don't think it's inconceivable that his price falls that low; I think he'd come back to Atlanta (where he still lives) if he doesn't have a significantly better offer from another team. What do you all think?

Oh, and the other question of the day, also borrowing from Shanks...how low would Jason Bay's asking price have to fall before the Braves get involved? There's a lot of speculation that he really doesn't want to be a Met, and it seems that the only offer he's got in hand is from Omar Minaya. If the Mets are at four years and $16 million per, and we assume that he'd rather go elsewhere, and we know that the Braves nearly traded for him in July 2008, what kind of deal do we think Frank Wren might be willing to offer? Four years at $12 million per? $13 million maybe?


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