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Update: According to David O'Brien:

Greenberg texted me confirmation. Yes, they accepted arb offer

Well, what else can you say about it? Wren rolled the dice and wound up being wrong. Sucks to lose the draft picks, and if we wind up keeping Soriano we'll be overpaying him -- though he certainly is a great pitcher if healthy, that "if" is what lowered his value on the open market enough for his agent to decide arbitration was the right move. The Braves can't trade him without his approval till June, but right now he's behind Wagner on the depth chart, and he might be willing to go to a team that would let him close. We'll see. I don't think we can afford to keep him. We can't afford keep Derek Lowe either, though, and there's a limit to how much expensive pitching Wren can move unless he's willing to eat plenty of money along with his crow.

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According to David O'Brien and Jerry Crasnick's Twitter feeds:

Soriano apparently felt more comfortable with a sure thing from Atlanta -- one year and $6.5 to $8 million -- than going out on the market
Uh-oh, Braves. I'm hearing Soriano is going to accept arbitration. Not official, but that's the buzz here.

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