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Brian Bruney to the Braves?

Written by Joe Lucia on .

This is the hot rumor du jour this morning...Brian Bruney could be heading to the Braves, says George King III of the NY Post. My immediate reaction? "...zuh?" Seriously, Bruney makes absolutely no sense unless the Braves are looking for a Scott Proctor type reclamation project. Only thing is, Bruney won't come with a low downside...he's arb eligible and will get a raise on the $1.25 million he made last year. Dude isn't even a good pitcher. He's had a FIP under 4 twice in 6 seasons, and only one of those years was below 3.50. He's had more seasons above 5.00 than below 4.00! Plus, he's got an abysmal 1.62 K:BB ratio, and allows 0.83 homers per 9 over his career. This rumor legitimately makes no sense to me. Maybe King misheard his source, and he said RAYS instead of Braves. I'd be much happier then. If anything else breaks, I'll be on it. UPDATE 1 PM: Bruney traded to the Nats. And...exhale. Thank god for that.

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