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Bye, Kelly...

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Well, no one ever accused Frank Wren of oversentimentality. This is a man who cut Tom Glavine and let the Sox sign John Smoltz, then traded franchise icon Jeff Francoeur to the Mets, then designated his replacement for assignment, and made it firmly clear to Rafael Soriano that he didn't want to pay him to play next year. When it came right down to it, it was hard to imagine that there would be a place for Kelly Johnson on the 2010 Braves, a backup 2B whose contract is likely to leap to $3 million in arbitration. Today, Wren told both Johnson and Ryan Church that they were gone.

In other news, as you may know, I blog about baseball stats at Yahoo Sports, and in yesterday's post I explained wOBA. Check it out if you'd like to understand some of the advanced metrics a little better. The comments thread includes comments from Tom Tango, who invented wOBA, and Dave Studeman, who runs Hardball Times.


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