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Gonzalez signs with Baltimore

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Its been confirmed by Jon Heyman of SI, Mike Gonzalez is now a Baltimore Oriole. This is not good. Why is this not good news? The Braves expected to get a pair of first round picks and a pair of supplemental picks for their two dearly departed closers. Instead, the team gets a supplemental pick, a second rounder, and Jesse Chavez. Thats um, not exactly a good return for two of the best relievers in baseball last season. Furthermore, whats making me really sick about this, is the deal Gonzalez got. Mike's deal with Baltimore is 2 years for $12 million, with incentives that could push the deal to $16 million. The Braves are paying Billy Wanger 6.75 million this year, with a 6.5 million option for 2011. Wagner is getting more guaranteed money than Mike Gonzalez. I mean, really? I've been over how valuable of a reliever Gonzalez was last season, and Soriano was in the same boat as well. The fact that we could have had either of them for the same price we paid Wagner, and instead, we get the old guy who had injury problems most recently of the three...I'm not happy with that situation at all.

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