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Monday Musings: Uggla, Swisher, Damon

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EDIT 2: Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News says he's hearing a trade is close, but that it's not a salary dump. That can't be promising...unless Nick Swisher is coming to Atlanta? OK, I'm reaching now.

EDIT: I've moved this Yankees trade bit to the top of the post, since it keeps getting confirmed. Ken Rosenthal says the target is a trade, not a free agent, and that it's not the Reds' Aaron Harang.

And this isn't quite Braves news, but we hope it will be: Buster Olney hears that the Yankees are "working very hard tonight on [a] deal for starting pitcher." Braves fans everywhere should be crossing their fingers that Frank Wren is on the other end of those discussions. Interestingly, David O'Brien also got a phone call from a New York writer "wanting to know if [O'Brien had] heard anything heating up between Yankees and Braves." Could've just been a writer trying to make a connection, knowing that the Yanks were working on something, but there could certainly be something brewing here.

Some Braves talk in the Ken Rosenthal Stream O' Rumors today: "The Braves have talked to the Marlins about [Dan] Uggla, but one source describes Atlantaís interest as only ìmild.î A trade for the Yankeesí Nick Swisher or the signing of free-agent left fielder Johnny Damon might be preferable to the Braves." I'd be wary of giving up too much for Uggla, because he's nothing too special as a low- to mid-800s OPS left fielder who's likely to be paid perhaps $20 million over the next two years. He might even be a non-tender candidate for 2011 when he'd be due to earn more than $10 million through arbitration. Plus he comes with the whole position-change angst: he's an awful defensive second baseman, but doesn't seem to want to change positions, and the Braves seem to be set on Martin Prado as their starting second baseman. Plus his offensive value is significantly lower playing a corner outfield spot. We've discussed Swisher and Damon; Swisher is the guy Wren should've acquired last winter and who he should be very interested in now, and Damon could make sense if his price falls far enough.

Oh, and O'Brien also hears that "it's still unlikely that the Braves get involved with the Bay bidding." We wondered yesterday how low Bay's price would have to fall before the Braves got interested, but it could be that the Braves just don't like Bay.



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