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Rumors & Dealings - 12/8 (3 PM)

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Check in number two of the day...there have been some Braves related moves going on, so lets take a look. -Ryan Church was released. I mentioned I saw no reason to tender him a contract this morning, and sure enough, he's cut a couple hours of later to make room for Rafael Soriano on the 40-man roster. Church essentially served as a fourth outfielder during his 3 months in Atlanta, with Matt Diaz and Garret Anderson receiving most of the playing time at the corners. Church was adequate offensively, with a .749 OPS as a Brave. His defense though, was stellar. Church posted a UZR (not 150, just straight UZR) of 4.7 in 26 games in right field. That is just a ridiculously high number, and he could probably latch on somewhere as a defensive replacement in the vein of a Ryan Langerhans type of guy. Best of luck to Ryan. -The Braves are involved in talks with numerous teams for Derek Lowe. I'm not going to speculate on possible offers, because I find the whole concept of coming up with trades that won't happen to be absolutely ridiculous. I'd assume the major team involved in the Lowe talks is Milwaukee, since Randy Wolf hasn't accepted their 3 year offer yet. If we deal with Milwaukee, I have a nagging feeling we'll only get Corey Hart in return, and that really doesn't tickle me in the right places. But we'll see what happens as the day goes on. I'll check in with another update in a couple hours, unless something major happens, in which case I'll be right on top of it.

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