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Saturday Scraps: LaRoche, Damon

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Another slow news day in Bravesland, with just a couple nuggets from David O'Brien of the AJC that bear worth talking about:

Adam LaRoche texted DOB that the Braves have yet to make contact with him this offseason. This really doesn't surprise me; Roachy's asking price appears to be sky-high these days, and there are enough alternative that Frank Wren isn't in any hurry to engage in talks with LaRoche. When the Braves have scrolled through some other options, and Adam has realized that no one is going to give him the three-year, $31.5 million offer he reportedly desires, then maybe there will be some substantive conversation. I still expect LaRoche to sign elsewhere this winter, however.

Also, O'Brien says that Johnny Damon has expressed interest in playing for the Braves. I can't say I'm wholly enthused about this. First, there's Damon the player. He'll be 36 next year, he doesn't play defense anymore (not even in a corner), he's left-handed (not ideal), and he did most of his hitting last year at offense-oriented New Yankee Stadium. And his career path hasn't exactly been predictable, so why take our chances that age decline finally starts to set in? Then, there's Scott Boras the agent. It sounded like Damon really wanted to return to the Yankees, but Boras demanded a figure far out of the Yanks' price range, and they appear to have moved on. So for all the talk that if he wants to play in Atlanta, he might lower his demands...doesn't sound likely. He's (he being Damon or Boras, we don't know) variously said to be wanting three years or more and $13 million per year. He might be worth signing at perhaps two years and $15 million TOTAL, but I simply can't see the price falling that low.


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