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Coming Soon to The Ted: Ken Griffey, Jr.

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**One day after the AJC reported that Ken Griffey, Jr. chose the Braves over the Mariners it appears that Griffey has actually chosen the Mariners.  For those keeping count, that's the second time this offseason we've lost someone we were supposedly getting after the media reported it. 

The AJC is reporting that Ken Griffey, Jr. will be donning a Braves uniform this season.  The purported deal is somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 million for one year with incentives tied to performance.  The signing will allow Junior to be closer to his family, who live in Orlando, and will afford him the opportunity to do more than simply DH this season.  He'll likely be platooning in left field with Matt Diaz.  He could also see some time as the backup center fielder and maybe even at first base. 

Many were hoping for a younger, more productive addition to the outfield.  Unfortunately, our leading prospects were snapped up by other teams over the past couple of weeks.  I think Junior will be an exciting addition to the team.  I, for one, can't wait for the opportunity to see Junior play for the first time in person.  He's an easy first-ballot Hall of Famer.  The chance to see someone like that play in person, and in your team's uniform, is exciting.  Do I think we could have gone after someone who gave us a better shot at contending?  Yes.  The deal is done though, so I'm focusing on the positives.  So, welcome to Atlanta, Mr. Griffey!

There are also reports circulating that the team will complete the resigning of Tom Glavine today.


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