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Dunn and Abreu Are Off the Board; Go Get Swisher, Frank

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UPDATE: Adam Dunn went for 2 years, $20 million. At this point, it seems clear we can't afford that, though it makes me weep that we can't -- that's Raul Ibanez money for one fewer year. The numbers here are just hard to believe -- the free agent market for Dunn and Abreu was like a time warp to 1996. It would have been worth releasing Jeff Francoeur outright to free up the millions necessary, of course, but it wasn't gonna happen.

So Adam Dunn's a National and Bobby Abreu's an Angel, and we couldn't compete despite the absurdly bargain-basement prices. Abreu's deal is 1 year, $5 mill, plus incentives; Dunn's is two years, undisclosed price. It seems fairly clear that Wren's purse has closed faster than we anticipated, and that the Braves have less money to play with than we assumed we had going into the offseason.

It looks like it's Nick Swisher or nothing right now, and the last time we talked to the Yankees, they said no when we asked them to send some dollars along with his contract. He's a useful player, a guy who can play anywhere in the outfield or at first base, and has 20-30 home run power along with a good on-base percentage, and if we really need money back in the deal we're going to need to give them some real value from our minor leagues. Remember, the last time we made a deal like this for cash, we sent Joey Devine to the A's, and he went on to be the most valuable relief pitcher in the AL last year. Swisher would be a great fit on the roster, but now that Manny's the only free agent outfielder left, his price may be going up.

Meanwhile, we offered Tom Glavine a 1-year, $1 million deal worth up to $3 million in playing time incentives. Another year, this would be a bit pricey for a guy who's clearly done, but justifiable as a way to do right by a future Hall of Famer. This year, when John Smoltz walked out because we couldn't offer him another $2-3 million, and when we let Bobby Abreu slip through our fingers because we couldn't find $5 million plus incentives, that's too much money for a player we don't need. We have more than enough 5th starters. We don't have nearly enough power in the outfield. It's Swisher or bust, and we'd better get Swisher.

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