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JD Stuart's Fearless Predictions for the 2009 Baseball Season

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This guest post comes from JD Stuart, who last wrote for us a month ago.

With Spring Training comes a host of expectations for the upcoming season, some more realistic than others. I decided to step out on a limb and make some of my expectations known to the public. I'm more confident in some of these than in others, but I do think each has a substantial chance of happening.

10 predictions sure to be proven correct, unless they're not:

  1. Javier Vazquez will start the All-Star Game for the NL.
  2. Kelly Johnson will hit 20 homers.
  3. Rafael Soriano will pitch fewer than 10 innings for the season.
  4. Mike Gonzalez will sign a multi-year contract extension before the season is over.
  5. Yunel Escobar will win a Gold Glove.
  6. Chipper Jones will play over 150 games.
  7. Tom Glavine will have an ERA+ within 5 points of 100.
  8. Jair Jurrjens will have an ERA closer to 5.00 than to 4.00.
  9. Matt Diaz will hit .350.
  10. The Braves will finish with a winning record but miss the playoffs.



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