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Ken Griffey = Rafael Furcal

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Yes! No? No.

Ken Griffey Jr., whom EVERYBODY reported was coming to Atlanta (Seattle papers, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, national media outlets), is going back to the Mariners instead.

Lessons learned? Don't trust everything you read, don't believe someone's coming to the team till you see the press release, and the rest of the league treats the Braves like we're the drama nerdsĀ in high school. I'm finding it hard to work up any serious enmity towards Ken Griffey, since I was really only lukewarm towards him at best, but I'm not remotely pleased by his adding on to the line of people who have punked us this winter.

We're not just not automatically respected any more -- we seem to be actively disdained. Ken Griffey and Furcal have backed out of what appeared to be sure thing decisions to come to Atlanta; John Smoltz and A.J. Burnett allowed themselves to be lured away by just a couple million more dollars apiece. And, oh, yeah, Jake Peavy's still a Padre, though that's mostly Kevin Towers's fault. Still, Frank Wren appears to have some rather serious problems with closing deals, despite the fact that the team still has fairly gaping holes in all three outfield positions.

So where does that leave us? We still need someone to play outfield for us, and we're running out of names.

Ahem... Nick Swisher, anyone?

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