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Links for 1/4: Lowe, Jones, Peavy, Kawakami

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Update: Dave O'Brien says that Kawakami will narrow his offers down this week, but talked to the pitcher's agent yesterday and he said that the Braves were still in the mix.

It's been a little slow around the blog lately, largely a product of there being little new news to report. Here's a couple links to hold you over until something substantial happens.

  • SI's Jon Heyman listed the Braves as one of the Mets' biggest competitors for free agent starter Derek Lowe. Mark Bowman chimed in also, saying that the Braves aren't liking the price tag, but after missing out on Jake Peavy and A.J. Burnett, Lowe may be Frank Wren's only good option. I just can't believe that we haven't yet heard any rumors of the Braves showing serious interest in another top free agent or trade target after missing out on those two.
  • The other news to come out recently is that the Dodgers restructured Andruw Jones' contract. The move is intended to allow Los Angeles (of Los Angeles) to either trade or release Jones and I think we all know which one of those will eventually happen. Dave O'Brien shares the same opinion as myself in saying that the Braves have nothing to lose by offering him a major league minimum or minor-league deal once he's released. If he doesn't work out in spring training, then it would really be no loss (think Javy Lopez last year) and having a veteran of his defensive ability there certainly wouldn't be a bad thing for Jordan Schafer and the rest of Atlanta's young outfielders.
  • Buster Olney provides the weekly reminder of the failed Peavy talks by suggesting that Braves and Padres re-open negotiations. The problem is that this looks like a nasty game of chicken right now. Neither side seems willing to be the one to come crawling back, despite this obviously being the best match for San Deigo and the most coveted pitcher by Wren.
  • Japanese free agent starter Kenshin Kawakami is reportedly down to the Cardinals, Orioles, and Twins. The Braves had shown a lot of interest in Kawakami this off-season. Yet another off-season dissapointment (not so much).

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