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Congratulations, Brian McCann -- Tough Noogies, Chipper Jones and Javy Vazquez

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The Braves have one All-Star this year, Brian McCann. Brian won't be starting, though -- that nod goes to Yadier Molina, because St. Louis fans are more committed ballot-stuffers, I guess. And Chipper Jones, coming off a batting title, will be staying at home. So will Javier Vazquez, #2 in the NL in K's. Jason Marquis won't -- he's one of two Rockies, along with Brad Hawpe.

Even though there are 32 All-Stars this year (and a 33rd, to be chosen by the fans), the Braves are one of six teams with just one All-Star, along with powerhouse squads like Washington, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and San Diego. The ten teams with more All-Stars than us: Philadelphia, New York, Florida, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Houston, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Colorado.

If we keep on dropping games to the Washington Nationals, of course, I guess we'll validate the voters' point. Come on, Derek. Pull it together.

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