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HOT or NOT - 7/25/09 edition

Written by Joe Lucia on .

After a week off due to the All-Star Break...its baaaaaaaaaaaack! Thats right, new HOT or NOT right now. Its been a very productive week for the Braves, taking 3/4 from both the Mets and Giants since the All-Star Break ended, and winning last night in Milwaukee. The whole team is playing pretty well right now...but who's doing the best? HOT Garret Anderson, LF: .474/.500/.684. Mr Anderson...he's becoming quite a frequent visitor to this spot. The left field platoon of Anderson and Diaz is getting in sync really well, as Matty put up an .859 OPS in 2 less ABs than Anderson. Diaz and Anderson are both getting a lot of playing time lately with the infusion of Ryan Church into the lineup, and his subsequent part time playing. Anyway, Garret threw up a 9 for 19 week with a pair of walks, a double, and a homer. His slash stats are nearly identical to last year's, which is about what I expected from him. Thank god. Yunel Escobar, SS: .423/.483/.808. Talk about a guy thats on fire...Yunel Escobar ladies and gentlemen. Yunel threw up an 11/26 with a trifecta of homers, and he drove in nine runs. Escobar nabbed 21 total bases in 7 games...thats on average 3 a game. Pretty solid, don't you think? Javier Vazquez, SP: 2-0, 3.21. Vazquez wasn't totally dominant this week...but hell, he was probably the best choice for this spot for the week. A pair of wins and 14 strikeouts in 14 innings is worth it for me. Vazquez has been the Braves most effective starter over the course of the 2009 season, and he's still flying under the radar. Pretty ridiculous when you think about it. NOT Manny Acosta, RP: 0-0, 10.13. Not a good week for one of the most despised member of the bullpen. Acosta allowed 3 runs and 6 baserunners in 2 2/3, and most of that damage came as the cherry on top to the Mets loss on Saturday (in the Santana game of dominance). In his other 2 appearances of the week, he was effective...but that one game leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Casey Kotchman, 1B: .269/.296/.269. Casey's first week of July was pretty solid. But this week...not so much. He banged out 7 hits, but they were all singles...only 2 RBI and runs scored, and 1 walk to go with 4 strikeouts. Not the kind of production the team needs from their first baseman. BUT HEY AT LEAST HE PLAYS GOOD DEFENSE RIGHT GUYS?! Brian McCann, C: .259/.310/.444. Theres no one else to really put in this slot, so I chose McCann...who had a below average week, for him at least. McCann didn't exactly need to do a whole lot with how much of a roll the rest of the offense was on, so his bad week wasn't really scrutinized too much. I guess I could nitpick on those 5 strikeouts. BAD MCCANN, BAD! So that does it for that. Series recap tomorrow evening (hopefully), series preview on Monday evening (lets see if I can get it done in class again...heh). We've kind of hit a wall on the prospect reports, since the only 2 teams left are the GCL and DSL teams, which are filled with very young, very raw players. I'll probably end up doing pieces on them, just because I'm very interested on the prospects of some of these...prospects. See what I did there?

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