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HOT or NOT - 7/4/09 edition

Written by Joe Lucia on .

A happy Fourth of July to all my readers. A good old fashioned 1 PM game for the Braves today, which I will be blacked out of (I assume, I haven't checked Fox yet. But lets be honest, why would the Nats be on national TV?). That leaves plenty of time for fun tonight with grilling and such. Without any further ado...lets get into this week's edition. HOT Martin Prado, 2B: .389/.476/.722. Yeah, we haven't gotten production like this out of second base all season. Prado's second straight appearance on the hot list. If he can keep throwing up weeks where he OPSes 1.000, yeah, I'll shut my mouth and lead the charge to run Kelly Johnson out of town on a rail. Even more stunning about this line...he didn't strike out all week! Absolutely amazing. You go, Odarp. Garret Anderson, LF: .353/.353/.824. Awesome. I'm not even going to complain about him not walking at all. 25% of Anderson's extra base hits on the season came this week, and his home run on Thursday put the cherry on top of the sundae that was the sweep of the Phillies. Him and Diaz are forming one hell of a platoon in left. Speaking of Diaz... Matt Diaz, LF: .583/.615/.917. Seriously, this is out of control. MattyD goes 7 for 12 on the week. One hell of a week for the left fielders, right? If we can get production anywhere near this good from these two during the second half of the year, this team will really be hard to ignore with the presence of the newly crowned second baseman Prado. Maybe our offensive can work its way up to respectability, and all of these silly people calling for Terry Pendleton to be fired can go back into their holes and not come out for awhile. Hat tips to Casey Kotchman, and the bullpen trio of Boone Logan, Eric O'Flaherty & Manny Acosta. None of the relievers allowed a run in a total of 5 innings, and Logan was shockingly effective last night getting out of Kenshin Kawakami's jam. Kotchman had one of his best weeks as a member of the Braves, OPSing .940 and walking 3 times, which for him is stunningly high. NOT Jeff Francoeur, RF: .190/.227/.238. HE'S TURNING IT AROUND, say the Francoeur defenders. To them, all I can say is...LOL. A .465 OPS and 5 strikeouts in 21 ABs doesn't scream STARTING RIGHT FIELDER and a return to respectability. The man is a drain on the team's offense, and I'd really like to see Diaz get more playing time out there. He's not great defensively, but he could do as good as Francoeur, whos defense has really dropped off since his uh, "gold glove" season. Brian McCann, C: .182/.217/.227. No one apparently told Brian he was trying to win a spot starting the All-Star game. I'm resigned to the fact that he'll be on the bench to start the game, while the DEFENSIVE SPECIALIST Yadier Molina gets the start. It boggles my mind that McCann has been the best catcher in the NL since his debut in 2005, and has started the ASG a total of zero times. Regardless, it was a rough week for Heap, who should have probably gotten another day off over the week. Mike Gonzalez, RP: 1-0, 6.75. Its weird that I put Gonzo on this list in a week where he had 7 strikeouts in 4 innings, but he had his moments. The blown save against Philly on Tuesday (that was erased by the suddenly proficient Braves offense) resulted in him getting a vulture win, and he also allowed a run Sunday against Boston thanks to Kelly Johnson being stupid. For those of you saying silly things about Gonzo about how he's not effective and too wild and such...just shut up. I have little tolerance for uninformed, silly arguments based on stress and things like that. I'll be back a little later today with the HOT or NOT for the full month of June. NEW FEATURE! Awesome. Series recap for DAH NATS will be up after the game on Sunday, and the Cubs series preview will hopefully be up that evening. No idea if I'll have the time to throw up a Danville report or not, with the holiday shenanigans tonight. We'll see. Have a good and safe holiday everyone!

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