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HOT or NOT - June edition

Written by Joe Lucia on .

Tough loss this afternoon. I can't wait until everyone comes out of the woodwork saying that Gonzalez should be thrown in front of a train, ignoring the fact that it was his third straight day of work. We're better than that here...we keep our jump to conclusions map in the basement and don't really use it anymore, just like the Nintendo Wii and the flosspick. Onto the list... HOT Martin Prado, 2B: .359/.406/.516. Prado thrived in limited playing time as a backup in June, with 6 extra base hits and only one less walk than strikeouts. Lets see what he can do over a full month as the starter. Rafael Soriano, RP: 1-1, 1.20. What a month. He struck out 20 and allowed 15 baserunners in 15 innings. And to think, some people are calling for him to be traded for a bat. What good will it do to strip away the team's best reliever in order to plug a hole on offense? If you trade Soriano, you replace him with someone like Luis Valdez in the Braves bullpen, which shifts Gonzalez to the closer's role, and Moylan to the role of the 8th inning, where he's struggled all season. Plus, you're adding yet another inexperienced arm to your staff. Thats gonna work out real well for everyone involved. Javier Vazquez, SP: 1-3, 1.98. That record is utterly embarrassing, considering he allowed 32 base runners and struck out 39 in 36 1/3 innings. Now that the Braves offense appears to be waking up a little bit, hopefully Vazquez can get some more notches in the win column so he can get more of the publicity he so richly deserves. Also, whats this nonsense about trading Javy? He'd be replaced in the rotation by a shaky Medlen, a not even started with rehab Hudson, or someone like a broken down Tony Armas. I mean, is that really something that would be practical? Again...killing a strength to fill a hole. This is absolutely begging for a column looking at the values of Vazquez & Francoeur and their replacements. NOT Derek Lowe, SP: 1-3, 6.54. Only 3 and a half years and 52.5 million left, folks. Lowe got beaten around the park in June, busting out a sexy WHIP of 1.83 and a K rate under 4. Absolutely fantastic, looking forward to seeing you turn things around in July Derek! Casey Kotchman, 1B: .240/.286/.280. Casey Kotchman does the nearly unthinkable and posts a SLG lower than his OBP. Tremendous job, Casey. Gregor Blanco had a higher ISO over the month for christsakes. GREGOR BLANCO. Thats totally embarrassing from a corner infielder. Thank god we're probably only going to be seeing Casey until the end of 2010 with the way Freddie Freeman is progressing through the Braves system. I'll miss the defense and lack of strikeouts, but thats all really. Yunel Escobar, SS: .277/.303/.362. Escobar gets the nod over Francouer because of how people always put over things like his natural talent and fantastic defense. Well, the defense has hit a brick wall this season (-11.9 UZR/150 this year), and his fiery temper and juvenile behavior are getting in the way of all that talent. He's better than anyone we have in the entire system (due to Brandon Hicks apparently getting his skill leeched out of him this offseason), so I guess we're stuck with the guy until someone else comes along. Maybe Randy Gress really is the answer.

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