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Joe's All Stars - AL edition

Written by Joe Lucia on .

I was thinking about this all day after my little rant about Vazquez and Jurrjens last night and said you know what, screw it. How about I pick my own All Star team, since I am infallible and a better judge of talent than the fans and (apparently) the players. I'm obviously going to concentrate more on the NL than the AL (since this is of course a blog for an NL team), but there will be SOME analysis of the Americans. Now, some ground rules. -Each team must have a rep. Stupid, yes, but I'm gonna play fair and not cheat -Each league must have 5 relievers (stupid rule), 8 starters, 8 position player starters, and 12 bench players. That gives you the 33 that the rosters have...none of this stupid FINAL VOTE nonsense. Someone is either good enough or not, thats that. -I'm going to cap each team at 4 players, so things don't get too overrun. Uh oh Boston, you're gonna be in trouble! -I will quantify outfielder by position, not just a generic "outfielder" tag. That means we get one left, center & right fielder American League Starting Lineup Joe Mauer, C MIN Justin Morneau, 1B MIN Aaron Hill, 2B TOR Evan Longoria, 3B TB Derek Jeter, SS NYY (wince) Jason Bay, LF BOS Torii Hunter, CF LAA Shin-Soo Choo, RF CLE Nothing really going out of the box with the AL starters. Aaron Hill is having an absolute dynamite year, and definitely should be starting at second for the AL. Justin Morneau is really going under the radar this year for the Twins, to the point where he may actually be considered underrated. In the outfield, I like Hunter in center over the chronically injured Josh Hamilton, and Choo by a hair over Ichiro because of the large edge in ISO and smaller edge in wOBA. American League Reserves Kevin Youkilis, 1B BOS Russell Branyan, 1B SEA Ian Kinsler, 2B TEX Jason Bartlett, SS TB Scott Rolen, 3B TOR Victor Martinez, C CLE Carl Crawford, LF TB Johnny Damon, LF NYY Adam Jones, CF BAL Ichiro Suzuki, RF SEA Ben Zobrist, OF TB Adam Lind, OF TOR So there are my reserves. 3 AL starters don't make my team (Pedroia, Teixeira, Hamilton), while only 2 reserves don't make my team (Young, Granderson). Players on my team that didn't make the real squad are Choo, Branyan, Kinsler, Lind, and Damon. I can't BELIEVE I made Johnny Damon an all-star. Ick. 10 of the 14 AL teams are represented thusfar, the only teams missing players are Oakland, KC, Detroit, and Chicago. AL Central FTW~! Tampa Bay has 4 position players, and Toronto has 3, while Cleveland, Seattle, New York and Minnesota each have 2. American League Pitchers Zack Greinke, SP KC Felix Hernandez, SP SEA Edwin Jackson, SP DET Roy Halladay, SP TOR Mark Buehrle, SP CHW Jered Weaver, SP LAA Justin Verlander, SP DET Jon Lester, SP BOS Mariano Rivera, RP NYY Joe Nathan, RP MIN Andrew Bailey, RP OAK Frank Franciscio, RP TEX David Aardsma, RP SEA I really wanted to have Dallas Braden be the A's rep, but couldn't justify booting one of those SPs off the team to make room, which makes Bailey the default choice. Choosing relievers was tough, and I wanted to add JP Howell but couldn't due to my little imposed rule about 4 per team. Oh well. My roster is 4 off of what the players/coaches chose, with my list missing Wakefield, Beckett, Papelbon and Fuentes (EAST COAST BIAS!), and adding Aardsma, Francisco, Lester, and Weaver. Mark Buehrle is the default choice from the White Sox, since the team doesn't really have any other half decent player (except for maybe Jermaine Dye, but the AL OF is loaded). I'll be back tomorrow with the NL roster, and I promise this time, I'l get that Nats series recap up, and maybe I'll even work up the nerve to talk about the Danville hitters.

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