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Joe's All Stars - NL edition

Written by Joe Lucia on .

This was supposed to be a single part column, but I really wasn't up to doing a whole bunch more analysis on another league last night, so I just said screw it and threw the AL up in a separate post. Since no one cares about the AL, I didn't exactly expect a lot of hits. But now, here we are, the meat and potatoes...National League! Lets take a look...remember, 5 relievers, 8 starters, 8 position player starters, and 12 bench players. National League Starters Brian McCann, C ATL Albert Pujols, 1B STL Chase Utley, 2B PHI Hanley Ramirez, SS FLA David Wright, 3B NYM Raul Ibanez, LF PHI Carlos Beltran, CF NYM Jeff Fran....er, Brad Hawpe, RF COL Pretty cut and dry here, nothing out of the ordinary except for Hawpe starting due to my exact position OF fetish. Every other pick aside from McCann (stupid, ridiculous fans) matches what the fans picked. Good work, crew National League Reserves Chris Ianetta, C COL Adrian Gonzalez, 1B SD Prince Fielder, 1B MIL Brandon Phillips, 2B CIN Freddy Sanchez, 2B PIT Miguel Tejada, SS HOU Pablo Sandoval, 3B SF Mark Reynolds, 3B ARI Ryan Braun, LF MIL Adam Dunn, LF WAS Matt Kemp, CF LAD Justin Upton, RF ARI Alright, so there are the reserves. I differ from the coaches and players a ton here, as 6 of my guys weren't deemed good enough to make the real team (Ianetta, Phillips, Reynolds, Sandoval, Dunn, Kemp), and I feel that Ryan Howard, Yadier Molina, Orlando Hudson (very fringey but Sanchez is the only Pirate playing worth a damn this year), Ryan Zimmerman, and Hunter Pence aren't worthy. Howard and Molina (seriously, STARTING?!?!) should be nowhere near this team, especially when people go RAWRRRRR DEFENSIVE SPECIALIST! Some baseball fans are really stupid and should be kept nowhere near a computer. The only team NOT represented thusfar is, shockingly enough, the reigning NL Central champion Chicago Cubs. So I'll have to squeeze a Cubs pitcher in...great. National League Pitchers Tim Lincecum, SP SF Matt Cain, SP SF Dan Haren, SP ARI Josh Johnson, SP FLA Javier Vazquez, SP ATL Yovani Gallardo, SP MIL Jair Jurrjens, SP ATL Ted Lilly, SP CHC Jonathan Broxton, RP LAD Rafael Soriano, RP ATL Heath Bell, RP SD Francisco Rodriguez, RP NYM Ryan Franklin, RP STL Only a difference of 4 players (the 3 Braves and Gallardo added to my team, while Johan Santana, Francisco Cordero, Chad Billingsley, and Jason Marquis [lulz srsly] were left off), which I think is pretty respectable. I really didn't want to leave Billingsley off the team, but I couldn't justify leaving someone like Jurrjens off the team, just because the Dodgers have a better offense than the Braves. Franklin was the real wincejob for me, but I figure I'll throw the St Louis crowd a bone because the world would explode if I took TWO middle relievers (no matter how deserving they may be). The final team tally breaks down like this...4 Braves (BLOGGER BIAS! BLOGGER BIAS!), 3 each from the Brewers, Mets, Giants, and Diamondbacks, 2 each from the Cardinals, Phillies, Rockies, Padres, Marlins, and Dodgers, and one lonely All-Star from the Pirates, Reds, Cubs, Astros and Nationals. NL CENTRAL BIAS! I'll be back later tonight with (finally) the Nats series recap.

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