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July 10 Recap

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Braves 4, Rockies 1

You may have heard there was a game last night after the Francoeur trade. Here's our standard analysis.

MVP: Derek Lowe. After a really bad run in his last month -- 22 earned runs in 23 innings -- Derek pitched one of his best games of the year in one of best hitters' parks in the majors. He even went 1-1.
LVP: Carlos Gonzalez. Not a lot of offense in the game. Gonzalez picked the wrong day to go 0-3. Each time he came up to bat, there were runners on; twice, he ended the inning, and the other time, he hit into a double play. The Rockies only had 8 baserunners, and Gonzalez unfortunately shanked most of them.

MIP: Diory Hernandez's 2-run double in the 8th is what really sealed the game for the Braves. They hadn't scored since the first inning, and a Todd Helton solo shot in the 6th cut their lead in half; his two late insurance runs put the game nearly out of reach.

UotG: Starting pitching. 'Tain't easy to hold anyone to 1 run in Coors Field. Derek did his job and then some.

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