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June 25 Recap

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Braves 0, Brewers 4

MVP: Nate McLouth, 2-2 with 2 walks. He accounted for fully half the Braves' baserunners. On a day the team managed just 4 hits and 4 walks, McLouth was the only guy who appeared to have any idea of what to do with Yovani Gallardo or the Brewers' relief corps.

LVP: Martin Prado, 0-4 with 5 men left on base. McLouth kept setting him up and he couldn't do take advantage.

MIP: Amazingly, Prado's first at-bat was the Braves' most important play. After a leadoff walk to McLouth, Prado erased the baserunner with a GIDP. The Braves put a few more runners on -- including Brian McCann's one-out double in the 4th, their only extra-base hit of the day -- but Prado's double play grounder was typical of their efforts last night.

UotG: Offense. When you blow the other team out or you get shut out, there isn't much in the world your pitching staff can do about it. Hanson pitched a great game and got hung with a hard-luck loss because his bats were snoozing all game.

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