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Note on last night

Written by Joe Lucia on .

So after his great game last night, Bobby Cox announced that Martin Prado would be his starting 2B. Now, as many of you read in my article last week, I said that I would like to see Kelly Johnson remain the starter, and that he would be a better option than Prado. Despite the happenings of last night, I am not changing my mind. I still think that Johnson would be a better starter at second compared to Prado. But I'm not saying that Prado is going to do a horrible job. He's doing a fantastic job in limited playing time this season, and lord knows he's playing better than Kelly. My main gripe is that Prado has never gotten full-time playing team in his major league career, and that his numbers in the minors never really screamed STARTER. We'll see where things take us, and I'm fully ready to put my foot in my mouth if Prado continues to rake come the end of July, while Kelly is languishing on another team. We shall see, and thats what makes baseball so great, doesn't it? I'm going to try to get a piece up tonight, probably about how awesome Rafael Soriano is, or maybe a look at the Danville hitting prospects. Not totally sure. As per the norm, the series recap of the Phillies series will be up tomorrow, and I'll try to get a prospect report up as well. Oh, and one more thing. I learned the calculation for FIP. My prospect reports are about to get a whole lot nerdier.

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