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Prospect Report - Danville Hitters

Written by Joe Lucia on .

You didn't think I was going to leave you out in the dry during the All-Star Break, did you? Nah...the long-awaited DANVILLE HITTERS PROSPECT REPORT is here. Phew. I'll get the series preview for JEFF FRANCOEUR AND THE NEW YORK METS (feels fantastic to write, let me tell you) up tomorrow evening, but for now...a look at some of Danville's brightest young hitters. Always a good time! Adam Milligan, OF: .338/.386/.532 (2 levels). Milligan absolutely positively raked in his week and a half at Danville, putting up an absurd line of .439/.500/.756. Since his promotion to Rome, Milligan has really scuffled, putting up an OPS of .521 in 10 games. I'm more worried about the 10 strikeouts to 1 walk at his time in Rome, as its a huge decline from his 3:7 BB:K ratio from Danville. The power has fallen off a cliff as well. Its not exactly the time to start jumping to conclusions and saying that Milligan is a bust or anything like that...he'll just need some time to adjust to the league. The Braves did draft him like 4 times or so before finally signing him, so the team must see something in him. Riaan Spanjer-Furstenberg, 1B: .413/.462/.663. How this guy hasn't been promoted, I have no idea. Among the circle of Braves blogs online, he's simply known as RSF. And thats all you really need to call him...RSF has been an absolute demon for Danville. He's got 5 doubles and 5 homers in 20 games this season, and is annihilating lefties to the tune of a .765/.722/1.188 line. Thats not a typo by the way...he's batting .765 against lefties. Thats 13 for 17, for those wondering. At the very least thusfar into his professional career, he's looking like a promising platoon player. Thats a start. LV Ware, OF: .295/.345/.432 (2 levels). LV started the season back in April in Rome, and performed dreadfully, with an OPS lower than his current overall slugging percentage. Ware was sent to extended spring, and popped up in Danville last month, and he's gotten everything together, it seems. He's got a .965 OPS in Danville and is showing some great speed, with 3 triples and 10 steals (only being caught once) in 86 at bats. At 22, Ware is nearing the older side of things in Danville, and will have to put together a better run in Rome if he wants to continue a professional career. Robert Hefflinger, OF: .308/.354/.560. Hefflinger is still a young buck at 19, and is putting up a very nice performance in the rookie league. He's showing some pretty decent power, with 6 homers in 91 at bats, and not horrible patience with 7 walks. The strikeouts are a huge concern, as he's already logged 27 in 21 games this year. Something like that is a major red flag, but as long as the other aspects of his game keep moving on, the strikeouts can be overlooked (SEE: Johnson, Cody).

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