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Prospect Report - Danville Pitchers

Written by Joe Lucia on .

What a horrendous loss that was today. But hey, Johan is Johan. Thems the breaks, right? But tonight, we're going to talk about the pitching in Danville, and theres one name on that team that every Braves fan should store in their memory banks for the future. That man is of course Julio Teheran. He, along with 3 other pitchers in the rookie league, will be spotlighted right here, right now. Julio Teheran, SP: 1-0, 2.05. After a session in Danville last season where he was handled with kid gloves (since he was only 17 and all), Teheran has exploded onto the scene this year. In 30 2/3 innings, he's only allowed 1 homer and walked 4, while striking out 24. I expected more strikeouts, but when you're walking as few men as Teheran is, I'm not going to say a word about it. One more interesting tidbit about our Colombian phenom: 2.59 GB:FB ratio. So, he doesn't walk anyone, gets a good bit of strikeouts, AND keeps the ball on the ground? Pinch me, I'm in love. Only thing I don't like...he's really skinny. He's 6'2" 150 pounds. Dude is a BEANPOLE. Someone that small is bound to have some sort of durability concerns down the road. Brett Oberholtzer, SP: 1-1, 1.61. Oberholtzer has been even better than Teheran, but thats to be expected considering he's a whopping 2 years older. He's been straight filthy this season in Danville, striking out 24 in 28 innings while only walking 4 and not allowing a home run. He's also allowing a .178 average against...seriously? The only real knock I have on him is that he's looking more like a flyball pitcher this year, which is something I never like to see. But I'll get over it. Chris Masters, SP: 2-2, 2.49. NOBODY ESCAPES THE MASTERLOCK. But really. Nobody escapes Chris Masters and his viciousness. In his first 2 appearances of the year, both coming out of the Danville bullpen, Masters struck out 14 in 6 2/3. Thats right, 70% of his outs came on the strikeout. Thats insane. He's cooled down a touch since moving into the rotation, but is showing pinpoint control, walking only one batter in 21 2/3 innings. His FIP for the season is somewhere around 1, depending on what the league factor is. God, a 32:1 K:BB...insane. Tyrelle Harris, RP: 2-0, 1.26 (2 levels). We conclude with a member of the draft class of '09, Tyrelle Harris out of the U of Tennessee. Harris spent 3 games in Danville, striking out 9 in 5 2/3. That was apparently enough to promote him to Rome, where in his 5 games he has struck out 11 in 8 2/3. Overall for the season, thats 20 strikeouts in 14 1/3, while only walking 3 and not letting a ball leave the yard. He's also showing some unhittability, as he's allowed a .180 average over the 2 levels. A word of fair warning: Harris is old for both of the leagues he's been in this year, as he'll be 23 in December. He may possibly go on the Kimbrel track and earn a promotion to Myrtle Beach before the season is through. That does it for Danville...the Gulf Coast Braves are up next, and I don't have much of a clue about many of the players. Hopefully we can find a few recent draftees and check in on their progress as they begin their professional careers.

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