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Series Recap - Braves @ Brewers

Written by Joe Lucia on .

3rd straight series win since the break for the Braves, and this team keeps on rolling. Great pitching, great hitting...its all starting to come together, and everything is clicking on all cylinders. THE GOOD Nate McLouth. Nate got his head out of his ass and started to play some ball in Milwaukee. For the series, he went 4 for 9 with 4 runs. No big, right? What if I told you he also added in SIX WALKS and 3 steals? Reaching base in 2/3 of your plate appearances for a series is something I can definitely get behind. The 3 straight 2 walk games come a week after the 4 walk game against the Mets, so McLouth definitely has his patience turned up a little bit. That is something this team is going to need if he wants to be an effective catalyst at the top of the order. Derek Lowe. He's got his groove thing back. 6 innings, 2 runs, no walks, 3 strikeouts, and a 10:5 GB:FB. This is what Lowe needs to do to get back to his form from earlier in the year...don't walk anybody and keep the ball down in the zone. In fact, the entire team didn't walk anyone in today's game. I approve. THE MEH Middle infield. I dunno. Escobar had 3 hits, Prado had 2...but then there was the re-emergence of Kelly Johnson today, which made me very happy. KJ came out with an absolute vengeance today, getting a start with Chipper on the bench for a day of rest. He went 3 for 4 with a pair each of runs, RBI, and doubles, a walk and a stolen base just to boot. His OPS jumped all the way up to .687, which is getting close to respectability. That...I can handle. If Kelly can keep producing like today, I think we're gonna have one heck of a dilemma on our hands. THE DIRE Nothing. Great series, really can't complain about anything. Preview for the Marlins series will be up on the morrow.

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